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If you don’t sleep with socks on, you should start tonight. The first reason, of course, is keeping your feet warm in bed helps you fall asleep faster than otherwise. And below are the other benefits that you can enjoy by sleeping with your socks on.

  1. Avoid hot flashes and night sweats
Our body has its own body temperature regulation system and usually when we sleep, our body temperature drops. During menopause, the already off-balance hormones may overreact and send signals that it’s time to heat up, hence a hot flash. However, wearing socks when we are sleeping helps our body better regulate its temperature, preventing menopausal women’s body from having to work so hard to maintain a balance.     
  1. Improve dry skin
People with dry skin experience overly dry or cracked feet, particularly during winter months. This can cause soreness and a little embarrassment. Moisturize your feet with lotion before bed and then put on a pair of fresh, cotton socks. Within a couple of days, you will notice a remarkable difference!
  1. Help with Raynaud’s Disease
Raynaud's Disease is a rare health condition, which is when parts of the skin, usually the toes and fingers, lose circulation and start to throb or swell. Wearing socks while sleeping can improve body temperature regulation and could help you prevent the occurrence of this disease.
Wearing socks to bed is good for you. If you still cannot make you mind to develop the habit, may be you can buy some crazy socks, fun socks or even some custom socks to make you healthy and also more fun while you go to bed with them.