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You might have looked at your newborn’s feet and see the tiny toes wiggle on them. Then, you can’t help exclaiming “How cute they are!” But while you are appreciating those cute little piggy toes, don’t forget to keep them cozy, comfortable and covered. That is very important to your little one’s health.

    Most mothers believe that it is absolutely necessary to cover newborns feet with socks as they consider that will help keep their baby safe and healthy. Some pediatricians also believe that can help infants regulate their body temperature whenever necessary, especially when they are feeling fussy, sleepless and refuse to eat. So now that socks are not just a cute accessory, we should think about carefully when picking right type of socks for your newborn baby. Of course, the custom socks might be one of the best choose.

    Firstly according to the age category of baby socks, children between the ages of 0 to 9 months wear infant size socks. To make sure the socks are of the right size, you can place your finger between your baby’s feet and the elastic band. Good socks should be not too tight or too wide because this can disrupt the normal blood circulation. If your baby always wants to take the socks off, that means they are not a suitable pair for him or her. Another important factor to choose your baby’s socks is the material of the socks. The materials that are used for making socks include cotton, polyester, spandex, Acrylics and wool. Each of these materials has specific qualities. If you have a baby at the stage of infants, you had better choose soft and only cotton socks, which will offer enough warmth and comfort to your baby.

    When it comes to baby socks, most mothers know they will get lost somewhere no matter how many you buy. So a great advice is to buy one color in bulk, that way you will never have to worry about mis-matched pairs and run out of socks for your baby.

    It is absolutely no problem that a simple pair of socks that are timely put on could be helpful to your baby, but letting your baby go barefoot is as important as knowing when to put on socks because that allows them to wiggle their tiny toes and helps with the development of small motor skills.