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 Men’s socks are not an accessory to be left behind. With the right combination socks can enhance men’s outfit and style statement. In fact, the days of white sock as a fashion piece are over. Whether it’s bold colors, striking patterns, or novelty repeats, colorful socks have become a very trendy fashion accessory for men in these past few years. However, styling these brightly colored socks or patterned socks can be difficult. It absolutely needs a little more care, because it's not a simple, neutral choice, but if you take that care it can look great for you.

If you’re dressing up for a casual event, there really aren’t any ‘rules’ when it comes to how to wear colorful socks. That can be as simple as just coordinating your socks’ color with that of your shirt or jacket pattern, and wearing socks in a similar shade. Keep in mind that “coordinate” doesn't mean “match” — your socks don't have to be the same exact color as any other piece of clothing that you are wearing. For a more cohesive outfit, try to match your colorful socks to your pants. You can find a pair of socks that has the same base color as your pants, but never go for the similar shade as that of your pants when you are wearing bold solid colored socks, you can match it with your necktie or inner shirt or with the pattern on your shirt. Additionally, it may be wise to avoid patterns on your socks if there are other elements in your outfit that are very loud and patterned.

To bring attention to your socks, you must make sure that your pants are in an appropriate length that will display your ankles. The length of your pants must be 1 to 1.5inches shorter than your shoes. Remember don’t show too much sock.

The only time you should avoid colorful socks is when you’re dressing for formal occasions like funerals and official meetings. You have to keep your socks simple at such times, because these situations are not about you expressing individuality – they are about you showing respect and fitting in. So, another thing you need to know is when it requires you to bring the attention to your ankle.

Wearing colorful socks is about showing yourself and enhance the stylish of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try new things. There should be a few accidents, but most socks that you’ll find can be matched to almost any outfit. If you are still hesitated with them, you can go with custom socks first.