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In today’s time, there are different types of socks with varying sizes and length. Particularly the length of your socks should to be considered when you choose what socks to wear with your outfit.

     No show socks give the illusion of going sockless. For comfort that is better felt than seen. They go along with whatever you are wearing, whether it is dress pants, jeans, or shorts. These trendy socks also look good with all types of shoes except for high-tops, boots, and sandals.

     Ankle length socks cover your foot up to the ankle. They are also known as low cut socks or athletic socks because they are perfect to wear with low cut shoes such as loafers or any other casual shoes. Ankle socks are the best choice if you want your feet comfortable and protected during gym sessions, running and other sports. This type of socks is suitable to use with trousers, skirts, or shorts, and offer a posh and professional look to the wearer.

     Quarter length socks go a little above your ankles and cover till your shins. They go well with work outfits for men and women. You can wear quarter length socks that match with the color of the pants to offer a professional look or women can wear them with their running shoes that can give a casual look.

     Crew length socks are longer than quarter length socks and can vary from 6 to 8 inches in total length. They go well with dress shoes to for men and can give excellent protection and coverage when they are used for outdoor activities like hiking and running. You can wear crew length socks during winters to keep warm.
     Mid-calf length socks run up to your calf muscles, but do not ride over them completely. These usually come in woolen material to keep your legs warm during winters and perfect for physical activities and informal purposes. These also come in sheer and net fabric for women.

     Calf length socks envelop your calf muscles and a little below your knee. They are suitable for outdoor physical activities in winters but are also often available in the net fabric so that women can wear them with certain formal dresses. This must-have pair of socks is a perfect option for formal, semi-formal and casual styles. Especially, they will the perfect match for your boots such as Chelsea boots, chukka boots, or hiking boots.

     Knee length socks hit right at or just below the knee. They are used by women, offering a high-end fashion type of look, especially when it is worn under their boots.

     Tight high socks go above your knees. They are the ultimate types of socks to pair with short skirts or miniskirt. If you want to add a little funk to your outfit, you could also try the printed socks.