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Having become extremely popular over the past couple of years, in 2019, the crazy socks are still chick on the street and the mainstream among business casual cultures. The socks which have bold colors, bold pattern, and whimsical motifs such as skeleton, football or a solar panel will be seen on men’s feet this season, but does that mean you should wear them, especially for the people who are now wearing suits more often and want to improve the way you dress?

Many people think crazy socks are a good way to express their personality and make them stand out from a crowd. However, standing out could also mean being the add one out or being weird, so you should think about carefully when you choose the socks for your feet.

     The most fundamental thing you need to consider when deciding the type of socks you want to wear with your suits is your personality. Who you truly are as a person? If you are not afraid to expose his dressing styles and have a bold personality, wearing crazy socks will make you seem like the kind of person. This type of man usually feel more at ease having a wider range of choices for his dress and will be more open to taking risks that might as well ultimately fail, but it’s all a part of the fun and risks that this type of person constantly seeks. On the other hand, if you are an extremely conservative person, even those bold socks are mostly hidden under strict suit attire, they still make you feel uncomfortable, and that is not the way to make you more confident but awkward. However, no matter what kind of person you are, dress your feet for the occasion like you should dress for that. In some certain situations where looking serious, elegant and formal, wearing crazy fun socks would be distasteful, so you should notice the dress code and respect the level of elegance at all social events your attend.  

    If you’re traditional, but still feel like to try different options. There is always a nice middle ground that is between your personality and the loud socks. You can choose cool, daring socks that don’t go overboard with too many colors or crazy designs, and pick the socks which have predominating color coordinating the color of your suit but a couple shades darker and different patterns. This way you will look good and different but will be not too far from your personality.
Picking a right pair of socks can be a tricky thing. Always choose wisely and express yourself with confidence the way that is right for you.