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There are socks surely designed for specific sports, such as running, hiking or some other ball games. Athletics socks protect feet from irritation and blisters, and keep them from sliding around in shoes. They are also made to protect your feet from the everyday forces like impact and pressure. A pair of comfortable athletic socks makes a huge difference in soothing feet while you're walking on the pavement. When you you’re excising or playing sports, especially if you are a walker, it is important to choose athletic socks that are comfortable, durable and even fashionable to protect your feet and your shoes.

    Athletic socks are usually available in a couple of different lengths. Choosing the best option is not only a matter of personal preference.

    Ankle-length socks extend a few inches above the ankle bone and protect your heels and ankles from chafing. They don’t cover your calf, so wearing them should be in warmer weather or limited to the gym or other physical activities.  

    Crew length socks go up to the middle of the calf and full length socks extent to knees. They usually offer the most comfortable fit and are less likely to slip down into shoes. In soccer, most of the action happens at your feet. These athletic socks cover the guards, protecting shins and ankles, or in softball and baseball, athletes often slide on dirt and gravel, and they would probably have a lot more scrapes if not for a quality pair of athletic socks.

     Apart from the length, there are several benefits to wearing athletic socks. You should choose the functions of the socks depending on the sport you play and the conditions around you.

  1. Dry feet and minimal odor:  Athletic socks are designed to wick sweat and moisture away from your feet and reduce the chances of having smelly feet after a workout.
  2. Comfortable fit:  Athletic socks provide a better fit inside sneakers, trainers, or other athletic shoes.
  3. Temperature control:  Athletic socks are designed to provide effective temperature control. No matter how active you are, these socks can keep your feet cool and make you feel more comfortable.
  4. Cushioning and support:  The best athletic socks have cushioning or padding on the major impact zones of the feet, such as the heel and the ball. They can help absorb some of that impact so you’re less likely to get injured or experience pain.
No matter what excise or activity you do, be sure to put on socks for your feet first. Luckily, custom socks shop has a variety of athletic socks for you to choose from to protect your feet.