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It was a no-no to wear sandals with socks like wearing black stockings with white shoes some years ago, but this style is considered a fashion statement nowadays. In 2019, with its casual and athleisure styles, the combination look is still here to stay and continue to be a trend in mainstream fashion of men and women’s wear.

    Undeniably, the socks and sandals is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and it can be much tricky to pull off the right way for fashion beginners. However, for those of you who are adventurous and looking to give this trend a try, if done correctly and worn with confidence, you can definitely produce a chic and stylish street style.
If you are ready to take a risk, here are some important things that need to notice.
Firstly, consider the occasion. Only wear this look casually, or before or after the gym. The second thing is to check out your closet. Can your outfit accommodate such a trendy pairing? The third is to pick the right sandals to go with your outfit and socks.
There are so many sandal styles that can go well with different types of socks. For example, to women beginner, heeled sandals are a best choice because they are dressier and offer more chic appeal. Of course, the most important thing to consider is the type of socks to wear. To pull off this trend, the easiest way is to stick to statement socks. For women, sheers socks that are dainty and feminine are absolutely perfect for this trend. If you want to have an athleisure look, go for a pair of ribbed sport socks and had better choose sport recognizable labels or luxury brands. Remember no matter what texture of socks you choose, never choose no-show or knee-high socks if you’re wearing this look with shorts.