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 Most people think socks are not necessarily something to think about, so they don’t give a lot of thought to take care of them. But if you want to make your  high-quality socks last years or help keep your everyday wearing socks cozy and
comfortable on your feet, then you must carry out the right way of sock care. Of course, you can follow the sock manufacturer’s care instructions if it is labeled, or you can follow these instructions blow.

A. Washing 
1. Wash your socks separately with the rest of your clothes or at least put them in a mesh laundry bag. That can avoid the accumulation of lint and the damages of the fabric of the socks.
2. Turn inside-out. This will keep the outside lint free and keep them looking great longer.
3. Wash in cold water with mild detergent, gentle cycle. Too much heat will damage the fabric and affect its elasticity. With some materials, like wool, it could lead to shrinkage. 
4. For antibacterial socks and odor control socks, do not bleach.
5. Do not tumble dry. The high heat is actually really hard on your socks when you are drying your socks in the dryer. If you must use the dryer, tumble-dry on low setting. And, as always, check the care label. Some products are not allowed to dry in the dryer. You had better hanging your socks dry. It is perhaps one of the most important steps to take care of your socks. But don’t hang wet wool socks, lay them flat to dry.
6. Avoid ironing or dry cleaning socks. The high heat used at dry cleaners will damage your socks. Same goes for ironing your socks.

B. Storing
Don’t roll your socks together in balls, as this can damage the fiber and make them look saggy. Store them flat or simply fold your socks and keep them in a separate sock drawer.

C. Wearing
1. Make sure your socks fit you. Wearing socks that are too small will cause holes. If you wear big socks, they will bunch and drag as you walk and rub improperly against your shoes.
2. Finally you need to keep your toenails trimmed and tidy. It really helpful to keep your socks in good condition and make them have a long and happy life!